Lads on Tour: Choosing the Perfect Stag Venue in Kent!

When it comes to the perfect stag do, there are plenty of factors that play a part! Whether you’re planning a heavy night of carnage, or a more laid back affair, it’s essential that you and the boys do your damndest to have the perfect memorable night… for the right reasons! And this typically means finding the perfect venue for hire to see off singledom in style!

Now, when you are trying to choose the perfect stag-do venue in and around Kent, you want something that is going to fit in with your needs and desires. It all depends on what you want to get out of the process, what kind of an event you are looking to have. There are so many key choices, and what Kent Venues can provide our services to help you choose the perfect venue hire options - here are some things to consider. 

How Many People are Attending?

A key thing to consider when you are trying to choose the perfect venue for hire for your stag-do is how many people you are going to invite. Now, traditionally, stag-dos are the perfect occasion to invite as many of your friends and family as possible to celebrate and have a great time together. Though, at Kent Venues, we understand that sometimes it is more preferable to invite less people. Luckily, with our extensive database of venue hire options, we can help you find something that will fit with either of these.

Is it an All Day Shindig?

There are a lot of things that you should consider when planning the ultimate stag experience, but one of the most important is whether this is going to be an all day kind of deal. Some stag-dos are just celebratory drinks in the evening, but we understand that in most cases, you guys are in it for the long haul! That means you need to choose a venue for hire that will meet your needs, and the needs of the group, for an entire day. 

Rowdy or Low Key?

Deciding whether you’re going to have a low-key or a rowdy stag-do is kind of tricky, because it’s often unclear what other members of the group might have planned! The best bet we reckon is to prepare for a rowdy one just in case! And this means using the Kent Venues database to try to find a venue that’s the right size and location to suit your needs, that serves food, has a good array of drinks, and opens late. This is something that you need to plan for, and we can certainly help you in this regard.

You have so much to consider when you are trying to plan the ultimate stag-do, and believe us when we tell you, the venue hire choice matters. You need to choose a place that is going to allow you to kick back, relax, and have fun, whilst also providing you with the perfect amenities. Get in touch with Kent Venues by filling out our simple online contact form, and we can get the ball rolling for you right now.