About Us

In Brief

KentVenues.co.uk is the Number 1 Venue Finding Service for Kent. Since our inception in May 2011 we’ve quickly established ourselves as the market leader.

We create attractive full-page listings for Kent Venues & Businesses. These listings are designed to generate enquiries, drive traffic to your Venue/Business website & also rank extremely well on all major search engines.

We attract ABC1 motivated individuals to the site. These are real people who are looking for venues or businesses in Kent.

In Addition

• KentVenues.co.uk is completely free to use.

• The site is easy to find and is the most-used, venue-finding facility in Kent (for information on Google rankings click here).

• Visitors to the site are mostly  Kent-based, however we also attract nationwide & international visitors.

• We reach over 20,000 potential customers monthly. These are real people looking for a venue in Kent.

• Our visitors generate over 100,000 page impressions monthly.

• Approximately 80% of our visitors have never been to the site before. This means our clients on site are constantly being seen by a fresh set of eyes – meaning high conversion rate.

• We pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail. Customer really is King with us. You can see that from our client testimonials.

For Venues

We create exciting, customisable listings for Venues which rank very well on search engines (notably Google) and we place them in relevant places on our website to increase exposure, generate traffic to client’s websites and generate commission-free business enquiries. Dependent on which package you’re looking at, some/all of the below features are included in Venue Listings:

• Venue Name, Address & 2 Maps (one zoomed out, one zoomed in)
• Logo & Business Description – Up to 1000 words
• Enquiry form – linked directly to your chosen email address
• Link to your website (if you have one)
• Owner’s Blog – Post offers & news directly to your page
• Facebook “like” & Twitter “follow” buttons
• YouTube Video
• Image Gallery – Up to 30 images

You can view a list of examples here – http://www.kentvenues.co.uk/venues

For Businesses

We also offer full-page online adverts to businesses. These are made for clients who run businesses in Kent and who are looking to increase leads, presence and online exposure. These are also handy if you don’t currently have a website. Our Full Page Business Adverts are essentially like your own website within KentVenues.co.uk.

There are so many reasons to push your business online in comparison to offline publications (magazines, newspapers etc.). All results are measurable and we can generate instant business for you.

With our Full Page Business Adverts you get all of the features the top Venue package gets as listed above.

You can view a list of examples here, just click on one to view their page and find out more – http://www.kentvenues.co.uk/businesses/

For full features listed for our Full Page Business Adverts, click here.

For Any Business

There are opportunities for any business who has a target market that fits our visitor demographic. Drop us an email on advertise@kentvenues.co.uk.

For our Venue/Business packages click here.

For further advertising options click here.

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