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Are you struggling to find a Marquee Venue in Medway? Try Riverview Manor out for size.Imagine 6 Acres of Private manor with a Beautiful overview of the River Medway - Perfect for your special occasion! Serene setting fully accommodated with FREE Private & Secure parking for over 800 cars.We give our clients the license to express their vision and personalise their special day. We work with the best event suppliers across the UK only servicing trusted suppliers. The Riverview Manor also welcomes any personal suppliers you wish to utilize for your unique day! Customise your own event exactly how you want it! If you're looking for a Marquee Venue in Medway, then we are certainly worth enquiring about. Our skills and expertise will help make your event A SUCCESS!Flexible and understanding customer needs is what makes us so successful. New venue to 2013 with experienced Event planners on board. Whether it's your Big day, business event, Trade show, exhibitions or your private party - We offer you the best venue services Kent has to offer.The Riverview Manor accommodates up to 1,500 seated guests 3,000 standing and gives their clients a personal feel to their requirements. Witnessing the sun set over the river with a landscape that's ready to accommodate everyone's needs is an experience never forgotten.

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Venue FAQ's

Can we supply our own drinks?

Yes.As a family run business, we do not profit from the sale of alcohol, therefore we leave this side of the event completely down to our client. In the past, customers have employed mobile bar staff, asked their caterers to provide the product for the day, or simply stocked up from the local Cash and Carry then served this at their private function to the guests present. Again, this is completely down to you and how you wish to operate on the day.

Can we use our own catering?

Yes.Naturally, most venues will have a preferred list of suppliers and exclusive caterers, which tends to be the biggest issue people have when making a decision on where they wish to host their event. Rather than tie you in with suppliers you would rather not work with, we give you the freedom to decide how that special day should be celebrated. Most individuals have their own preferred caterer or style of food that they wish to bring to the venue and serve to their guests, so why complicate things further? We are proud to say that the power is in your hands and you are entitled to choose as you please on all such matters.

Can we use the six acre plot for anything?

Yes, we encourage for it to be used in various ways to suit your theme.

What time can our event go on until?

The law states that loud music/noise must not continue after 11pm. However, guests usually leave as soon as practicable.

Is there a deposit?

A holding deposit of £500 is payable to secure the date for each event. This is then taken off the final total.
There is also a refundable cleaning retainer of £300 added to any hire. The refund of the cleaning retainer is paid back after a satisfactory inspection of the site.

Can we decorate the interior?

Yes of course. A marquee event should be unique to its users.

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