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Host yourevent with ODEON Events and combine the magic and excitement of cinema withyour occasion. Take corporate hospitality to a whole new level, or reward youremployees with something they can really enjoy. Get in touch now to find outhow ODEON Events can make your event a truly VIP experience.With over 121locations across the UK, amazing capacity (200,000 seats in 100 conferencevenues), as well as satellite link-ups, you can maximise your guests list,globally. With stunning AV equipment, and the opportunity to put your messageon the big screen, you have the chance to really make an impression. Our expertevent management team will assist in offering their creativity, organisationalskills, and truly impressive attention to detail.

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Venue FAQ's

In which countries do ODEON have cinemas?

We are among the market leaders in the UK & Ireland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We also have strong positions in Germany, Norway, Austria and Portugal.

Please click here to obtain more information on ODEON and UCI’s global presence.

Are you a UK company?

Our founder in the UK was Oscar Deutsch, a pioneer of the European cinema experience, who opened his first cinema in 1930. In 2016 we were proud to become part of the AMC Theatres family – the biggest and best movie exhibition company in the world.

Do you cater for events at your cinemas?

ODEON offer a great range of catering services through preferred suppliers. Please contact a member of the sales team for further information.

What sort of areas are used for receptions and catered events?

There are various areas depending on the cinema – please visit your preferred cinema page for further details.

Can I supply my own catering?

ODEON offer a great range of catering services through preferred suppliers. If we are unable to find catering to fulfil your requirements then it is possible to provide your own, however there will be an additional cover charge per guest. Please contact a member of the sales team for further information.

Do your cinemas have alcohol licences?

Some of our cinemas do have alcohol licences – please visit your preferred cinema page for further details.

Are your screens licensed for alcohol consumption?

Yes – all private event guests can consume alcohol in screens in all of our cinemas. Please note: alcohol will be served in plastic glasses.

Am I able to use my company branding within your cinemas?

The front of house displays can be changed to feature any branding on the days of your event for an additional charge. There are also various branding options available inside the cinema.

I need early or overnight access to the cinema to set up for my event, is this possible?

Yes, this is possible subject to availability.  Please note additional charges will apply.

What staff are provided for my event?

ODEON will provide experienced members of staff to the numbers agreed when your event is confirmed. Dependant on numbers and needs there may be additional charges. There will be one point of contact throughout the organisation of, during and after your event.

I wish to organise a private screening of a new film, however the screen I was offered is too big. Can I change to a smaller one?

Unfortunately not, ODEON agree with the distributors of the film before the release date the exact screen that the film will play in and this cannot be changed. ODEON will always endeavour to offer the very best price possible depending on your needs.

I would like to organise a screening of a film no longer on release, is this possible?

Yes this is possible, subject to print availability in the UK. Please contact a member of the sales team for further details.

What is your minimum and maximum capacity?

ODEON have cinemas across the country that can seat from 10 – 1680.

Do you operate a minimum number policy ?

No, all ODEON cinemas are available for hire with no minimum numbers required.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see our terms and conditions or contact the sales team for full details.

Do you offer satellite facilities?

Yes, selected ODEON cinemas can receive satellite feeds from European Satellites. Please see selected cinemas for more information or contact the sales team.

Do you offer satellite broadcasts?

ODEON can introduce you to reliable production companies who will be able to offer this service to you at an additional cost.

Do you offer discounts to registered charities?

ODEON currently support two charities – “The Variety Club” and the “NSPCC”.  We do however offer a 15% discount to all other registered charities who use our facilities for coneferencing or venue hire.  This discount is not applicable to private screenings.

Can I film within one of your cinemas?

Yes you can but please note there are copyright restrictions. Please contact a member of the Sales Team for further information.

Can I buy tickets to any film premieres from ODEON?

Unfortunately not, admission to film premieres are by invitation only. Sometimes if sponsored by a charity some tickets are made available for purchase. For all film premiere enquiries please contact the film distribution company direct.

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