Ashford International Hotel

Simone Weil Avenue, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8UX

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The Ashford International Hotel is just a few minutes away from the Eurostar terminal and only 40 minutes from London so is a convenient place to stay if you're travelling! The hotel has its own brasserie style restaurant and a spa and health club to ensure that your stay is as relaxing as possible. The food and WIFI provides everything you may need for a meeting or conference and if you're wanting to get married, their relaxing spa and luxurious rooms will help you to unwind before your big day! to find out more about why the Ashford International Hotel is  the right venue for you, have a look on their website.

Transport Accessibility

  • The hotel is a 7 minute walk from the nearest bus stop.
  • It is a 30 minute walk or 6 minute drive from Ashford International train station.
  • There are 20 taxi services nearby to choose from.

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Large Dining

The Garden Suite at Ashford International Hotel

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