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Gravesend is a town on The Thames in North-West Kent. It’s directly opposite Tilbury in Essex.

There are many variations on how Gravesend got its name. Some say it comes from the words “grafs-ham”. This translates to a place “at the end of the grove”. Others (incorrectly) say there’s a more sinister meaning, that the bodies from The Plague were buried in the town to help stop the spread in London.

There is evidence dating back to the Stone Age that Gravesend has been a hub of interest for settlers. The fact it lies on the river along with it being so close to Watling Street certainly makes this possible.

These days Gravesend is a busy commercial town. It boasts a population of around 60,000. Many of whom commute to London.

There are various points of interest in Gravesend. The Gravesend Town Pier dates back to 1834 and is the world’s oldest surviving cast iron pier. The Royal Terrace Pier, Pocahontas Statue and Windmill Hill all hold tabs in history for the area.

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