You Quote Us!

You Quote Us!

Published on Thursday 9 October 2014

You Quote Us!

Are you a venue in Kent? Are you interested in listing your venue on our award-winning, market-leading website?

Our concept is simple. We list and market your venue to local individuals, we send you commission-free enquiries and generate you cost-free clicks to your website. Most visitors to our site are Kent-based and looking for a venue JUST LIKE YOURS!!

The Offer

We’re so confident you’ll be happy with our service and renew at normal price after the first year, that we’re happy to let you tell us what you’re willing to pay for Year 1! However, we are only offering this to FIVE lucky venues…

Here’s the process:

– Tell us what you’re happy to pay to list your venue on our site for Year 1

– We’ll either accept, counter or decline your offer on the same day

– If you pay within 24 hours of accepting, you get the deal at the agreed price!

– After the first year, to renew you pay the normal price of the package (from £195/year)

CONTACT US now with your quote, remember – be as cheeky as you like!


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