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Biddenden Vineyards

Biddenden Vineyards

Biddenden Vineyards are situated just over a mile from the picturesque Biddenden Village and happens to be the oldest vineyard in Kent. It all started back in 1969 when the Barnes family looked for another source of income on the back of apple prices falling. Once only a third of an acre, the vineyards now span well over 20 acres and produce anything up to 70,000 bottles of wine per year. If this wasn’t staggering enough, all the vine work is carried out by hand – making this a truly remarkable feat.

Strong, Kentish ciders are also produced on site as well as fruit juices – all pressed and bottled on site.

The vineyard is open all year round and believe it or not, admissions, tours (on selected dates) and best of all – tastings are all totally FREE!

Group tours can also be arranged, use the form below to enquire directly to Biddenden Vineyards.

Biddenden Vineyards
Gribble Bridge Lane
TN27 8DF

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