Best Charity/Non-For Profit Website in Kent - Kent Web Awards 2013

The Best Charity/Non-For Profit Website


This awards has been designed to find The Best App that’s been built and designed in Kent.

This category will be fiercely competitive and sharp, innovative and easy to use Iphone/Android Apps will one of the focal points for the judges.

There are 2 ways to enter:

1. If you’ve paid for a website to be built, you’re based in Kent and you’re a charity or non-for profit organisation, fill in the form below and enter your business/charity name. In the “Why do they deserve the award” field, enter the details of the company who built the website for you.

2. If you’ve built a website for a charity/non-for profit organisation and you’re based in Kent, fill your own details out and in the “Why do they deserve the award” field, mention who (if anyone) paid you to build the website.