Terms and Conditions of Contract

Terms and Conditions of Contract

Agreed Content | Wording/imagery that describes the venue; its service and contact details

Contract | The combination of these terms & the payment of the Fee

Fee | The agree sum payable to The Company for the provision of Services

Listing |  The entry (or entries) displayed on the web site containing the Agreed Content

Order Form | The document submitted by The Customer detailing the Service required

Renew | The process of entering into a subsequent contract for a further Term

Services | The Listings; advertorials; promotions or any other function provided by The

Term | A period of one year or any other period as noted

The Customer | The venue purchasing the Services.

The Company | KentVenues.co.uk

Company for | The Customer as forming part of the Order Form or Email Correspondence and Contract.


1.1 Signature of the Order Form or Email Confirmation of confirmed deal and subsequent payment of the Fee (3.1 below)

constitutes creation of contract between The Company and The Customer and The

Customer’s acceptance of the terms contained in this Contract.

1.2 Only the terms in this Contract shall prevail unless by way of separate written

agreement signed on behalf of The Company

1.3 This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the law of

England and Wales.

2.1 The Company is appointed to provide the Services as described on the Order

Form/Email and for the Duration stated, for so long as the obligations as laid out in section

4 and the term of this contract generally are respected.

2.2 Upon creation of the contract as described in 1.1 above, The Company shall add the

Listing containing the Agreed Content within 28 working days

2.3 The Company shall take all reasonable steps in its control to maintain the web site

that forms an integral part of the service provision

2.4 The Company shall Renew the Services by providing The Customer with no less than

1 months’ notice and issuing a payment request in good time to allow the Service to

remain continuous.

2.5 The Company shall respond to all reasonable requests for change by The Customer

within 3 working days or shall provide reason otherwise. Where the required change

involves costs not included within the Fee, these shall be paid before changes are made.

3.1 The Customer shall pay the Fee as agreed and noted on the order form to The

Company and only until such payment is received shall this contract be binding.

3.2 Non-payment of the fee within the timescale stipulated provides The Company with

the right to withdraw and offers or terms that may have applied at the point of order.

3.3 Where payment spread terms have been offered on Silver or Gold packages, the

failure of The Customer to make the second payment shall render the contract void

and Listings shall be removed without refund of any Fee previously paid.

4.1 The Customer shall provide information, images and required content to The

Company in good time so as to enable The Company to comply with service

commitment 2.2 above. The late submission of Agreed Content or any inappropriate,

incorrect or unacceptable content will absolve The Company of its commitment

under 2.2 and in which circumstance, The Company shall commit to a Listing

timescale no greater than ‘as soon as possible’.

4.2 Material provided to The Company by The Customer shall be free from copyright or

other infringement and shall be the intellectual property of The Customer and who

has right to provide it legally.

4.3 In the event that the Agreed Content changes materially or the business of The

Customer changes materially away from that described in the Listing, then The

Customer shall notify The Company immediately.

4.4 If such changes as described in 4.3 above do not meet with the reasonable

acceptance of The Company then The Company reserves the right to withdraw the listing

4.5 Should The Customer neglect to login to the backend of the system with their unique

login details and write one blog post per calendar month then The Company reserves the

right to withdraw The Listing.

5.1 The company cannot warrant; accept any responsibility or liability arising from

interruption to the performance of the Service arising out of the failure of or lack of

service from, or quality of ranking with third party hosts or search engines.

5.2 Whilst The Company undertakes as per 2.1 above, no guarantee can be provided

for volumes of enquiries or bookings nor liability accepted in the event of actual or

suggested loss of such custom.

5.3 The Company shall neither accept nor hold any liability to The Customer for

consequential losses however they may arise.

5.4 Nothing in this contract is intended to limit or avoid The Companies liability for death

or injury caused by The Companies negligence.

5.5 The Companies liability for any warranty shall otherwise and in any event be limited

to the amount of the Fee paid to The Company by The Customer in the prevailing.

5.6 The Customer shall keep The Company indemnified for any liabilities and losses

arising through the activity of the Customer; their marketing; their fulfilment of any

subsequent contract that they may provide or however they may arise.

6.1 This Contract is intended to run continuously on a rolling contract and subject to the

terms being upheld. We will attempt to contact the customer 1 month prior to the

renewal date, however if no response is gained and the contract begins on a rolling

basis, at the company’s discretion,this rolling contract will be charged at up to

£99/month as the company will be continuing to provide the full service.

6.2 The contract may be terminated at any time and by either party by providing written

notice of no less than 1 month.

6.3 Upon termination, all Listings will be either be downgraded and remain listed – as a

gesture of goodwill or completely removed. We will add a statement to any listings that

we choose to keep listed on the website despite non-renewal.

6.4 The Company have the right to effect immediate termination should the terms of the

Contract be breached.

No monies are repayable upon termination of the Contract.

7.1 The terms and conditions of this contract represents the entirety of contract

between The Company and The Customer and supersedes and previous contract or

agreement between the parties.

7.2 The terms of this contract cannot be wavered or varied without written approval

from The Company

7.3 Should any part of this contract be found to be void or unenforceable then the rest of

the terms shall independently apply.

7.4 Any notice served as under this contract shall be in writing or electronic email form to

The Company at the address displayed on the web site of The Company

7.5 The Company reserves the right to transfer or assign the right under this contract to

any third party.