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Record Year (a post by our Managing Director)

Published on Saturday 5 October 2013

We’ve Had A Record Year

A post from our Managing Director


Hi, I’m Paul Temple and I’m the Managing Director of

For a concept I devised and developed in a cold, damp garage back in 2011, things have come along somewhat. As we’ve just had a notable 12 months, I thought I should write a few words explaining where we are as a business right now and the direction we’re taking moving forward.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen an enormous increase in visitors to, a big jump in direct enquiries to venues as well as a large increase of listed venues in our collection.

As An Enquiry-Generating Machine

In terms of visitors, have a look at this graphic below which shows our incredible growth since our inception back in March 2011:


growth since march 2011


In terms of enquiries to our venues, these have catapulted and this is as a direct result of the increase in visitors as you can see above.

As A Portal

As we also add a link to each venue’s website from their listing on, we also act as a portal. Providing our visitors with a link to each venue’s website is something many competitors sites don’t do – as it leaks traffic and often means these visitors enquire via the venue’s website directly, rather than using the enquiry form on their listing on However, we don’t mind! It’s what we’re here for. If our visitors want to visit a venue’s website, visit a venue’s website they shall!! After all, they’ll only leave our site and use Google to find what they need anyway – perhaps discouraging them to return, which we don’t want!!

As A Community

We’re noticing a growing number of loyal visitors, which is fantastic. Visitors who return to the site show us we’re providing a good service and that’s something that’s extremely important to me as the business owner.

We’re also very active on Facebook, Twitter and I use my personal Linkedin account to help promote our venues and our concept.

As A Business

I’ve spent the last 12 months trying to build a platform which is fine-tuned, effective and affordable for venues/advertisers. The website will never be finished, it will always be a work in progress. However, I feel it’s now in a position where it can only be improved by adding value and further offerings.

I’ve extended our portfolio somewhat over the last 9 months and have launched sites for London Venues, East Sussex Venues and West Sussex Venues. By the end of the year I hope to have 3 further websites, including one covering Manchester and a further two counties.

On the back of the success we’ve seen in Kent coupled with the embracing attitude of venue owners, I’m launching the KentVenues Awards 2014 which will celebrate, showcase and reward the best venues in Kent. There are so many fantastic, diverse venues in the county – every week I come across a venue I’ve not heard about.

To Finish

All in all, a massive thanks to everyone who’s helped along the way and we’ll see where we are in 12 months time!!





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