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Dover Venues to Hire | Dover Businesses.

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Dover is a town situated on the south-east coast of Kent. It is a major port for the country, linking England with France, Belgium & Holland. Many freight and passenger ferries depart from Dover everyday making it a vital crossing point for British tourism and businesses.

Dover boasts the largest castle in the United Kingdom and Dover Castle dates back to the 12th Century.

During WWII, Dover was an important defence point for the allies and was the point of departure for many vessels during the evacuation from Dunkirk.

The A2 and the A20 are the 2 main roads connection Dover to London and Canterbury respectively.

Dover is twinned with 3 towns – Calais (France), Ohio (U.S) & Split (Croatia).

Various celebrities both past and present have arisen from Dover. Singer/Songwriter Joss Stone and the controversial author/once politician Jeffrey Archer are both Dover-born celebrities.