The KentVenues Awards 2014 | Best Independent Hotel in Kent

Best Hotel

The KentVenues Awards 2014

Best Hotel

The Oxford dictionary describes a hotel as, “an establishment providing accommodation, meals, and other services for travellers and tourists, by the night.”

For this category, we’re therefore looking for Hotels in Kent to enter who provide overnight accommodation (with a minimum of 10 lodging rooms) and other non-specific amenities or facilities to welcome their guests.

In order to be entered for this category, you must provide us with a 300 word summary of your hotel and its facilities and explaining why you are the Best Hotel in Kent.

Please note that the judges won’t be judging entrants in terms of sheer size and facilities available, it will be the testimonials from guests (i.e. customer satisfaction), facility cleanliness, staff performance and overall hotel management that will be assessed so smaller establishments shouldn’t be deterred from entering this category. 

Good luck with your entry!

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