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Introducing Kafoodle Kitchen

Published on Thursday 1 October 2015

kafoodle kitchen

Kafoodle Kitchen “connect your kitchen to your customer”

Kafoodle Kitchen has launched in the UK, heralding a new age of trust-worthy hospitality technology that is vital, exciting, innovative and potentially life-saving.

It is the brain-child of two women entrepreneurs, Kim Antoniou and Tarryn Gorre, who have combined their years of experience in the technology and hospitality industries respectively to create Kafoodle Kitchen – an all-encompassing menu management system set to revolutionise the running of commercial kitchens and front of house.


Kafoodle Kitchen is a one-of-a kind, cutting-edge, cloud-based menu management software system designed with EU allergen compliance in mind. But it does much more… It gives chefs a simple, easy to use online system to manage ingredients as well as write, store and share recipes across multiple menus and outlets – with a key benefit being it automatically highlights allergens and calculates the nutrition in any dish. But, what makes Kafoodle Kitchen different to other similar systems is that it is connected directly to the front of house staff and diners who can access each dish via a tablet or computer instantly to advise the customer on any allergens present in the meal.

The benefits of Kafoodle Kitchen

– Ensures your operation is 100% compliant with the EUFIC regulation which stipulates that all food and beverage businesses across the whole of Europe must show, on demand, the allergen information in everything that is served

– Will increase your income and revenues by specifically targeting the 45% of the UK population who are affected by food allergies and intolerances when eating and drinking

– Can enhance your reputation by providing your customers with a reliable, detailed live and personalised menu information via the Kafoodle App (see below)

– Gives you confidence – it is the only compliance software endorsed by the British Hospitality Association and the Restaurant Association

– Cuts down on unnecessary paperwork – keeps all your recipes in one place

– Easy to use, non-complicated “drag and drop” system to upload all the information

– Ensures consistency – essential in any food and beverage business

– Offers a complete audit trail

– Ingredient substitutions are automatically updated in all dishes

– Keeps a complete catalogue and history of the recipes in your kitchen, even if a chef takes a recipe when he leaves

– Enables you to offer the highest level of customer care and service, ensuring repeat business

– Kafoodle Kitchen has a dedicated city based team who can upload all your menus and ingredients for you

– Instant listing on the Kafoodle App

Adrian Martin, the Executive Chef of Home House uses Kafoodle Kitchen and says:

“We have to abide by the legislation, but we can’t cover menus with allergen information, and calorie content etc., so Kafoodle allows us to share this information quickly and efficiently making our lives much easier. And two years down the line, when the front of house staff might have changed but the dish hasn’t they will still be able to get the same information.”

The Kafoodle App

The Kafoodle App is the consumer facing side of Kafoodle Kitchen and is the first restaurant app that diners can log in, note their allergens and then search for suitable restaurants that cater exactly to their dietary needs. All restaurants using Kafoodle Kitchen are listed on the app – the idea being that there is a huge benefit to allowing your customers to see what exactly is in a dish on your menu and actually shares in real time your menu with prospective diners, effectively acting as an additional marketing tool to your business.

Who and Why?

After her husband suffered a severe allergic reaction whilst dining out, founder Kim Antoniou felt compelled to make a change to prevent this happening to any other allergy sufferers. With a background in software development she teamed up with business partner Tarryn Gorre who has worked for hospitality business such as Conran, Caesar’s Entertainment and D&D London and who also recognised a need to make allergy compliance easy, to create Kafoodle Kitchen.

Kim says her ultimate aim for Kafoodle Kitchen:

“Is to get to a stage where we can create a trust between the F&B industry and allergy sufferers and that ultimately people can go to a Kafoodle restaurant that’s using the system and use the app and eat in confidence.”

Tarryn’s main goal is:

“To give people working in the industry the power and knowledge to really excel at their jobs – it’s about knowing how to do your job and having the technology to back it up.”

Give Kafoodle Kitchen a trial run. Simply register and start creating your own menus and dishes right away. Go to

Or for more information call (0)20 7395 6880 or email

Twitter: @Kafoodlekitchen

Facebook: Kafoodle

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