Halfway House, Challock | KentVenues review dated 21/10/2011.

Halfway House Challock Review

Halfway House, Challock |

KentVenues review dated 21/10/2011.


Situated roughly 10 miles from Canterbury and 6 miles from Ashford, the aptly named Halfway House really is worth a visit if you are looking for high quality, locally-sourced and fairly priced cuisine.

Upon arrival I was greeted with friendly faces and big smiles. The place was busy (it was a Friday night), but relaxed and the staff looked comfortable with the high level of visitors – down to being well trained in my opinion. I was treated to a generous bowl of pistachios to accompany a round of drinks before I sat down. I opted for a glass of the Prosecco di Maria (a sparkling Italian wine from the DOC region made by the noted family producer Botter) which had everything my ideal Prosecco should have. Clean cut, elegant, every so slightly sweet tones to go with the dry, flowery texture. The almost colourless wine also kept its bubbles, which is important to me. Spot on, hence why I opted for a bottle to go with dinner.

On to the starter, I went for the Gamberoni with Chilli and Garlic. 3 large juicy king prawns grilled in a garlic and chilli butter served with a crispy ciabatta bread. The prawns were large and extremely juicy, perfectly cooked, full of flavour and had that classic chilli kick to them which just rounded each mouthful off very nicely. Easily polished the lot and left me ready for the main.

I opted for the in-season game option, the Loin of Venison en Croúte. A large loin of venison encased in pastry with a brasied fennel and mushroom stuffing served with a grain mustard cream sauce. I opted for the meat to be cooked medium rare – for me it was perfect. What a dish! It had everything a good main should have – full of flavour, tongue testing texture, rich sauce. All cooked to perfection and showed real talent and skill from the chef. I’d left no room for dessert, but when I return I will certainly sample the sweet menu and add my findings to this review!!

Upon leaving there were only positive feelings about the place. Top notch food, top notch service and a real find. Great place to have a party or a quiet romantic night out.

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