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Guest Blog – Matt James Photography – 22/10/2012

Published on Monday 22 October 2012

I’ve been offered a pre-wedding shoot. Should I worry/bother?

Many photographers offer a pre-wedding shoot or an engagement shoot prior to the wedding day if you’re booking them to cover your day. Some people worry whether this important or just another way of getting money out of you as a client.
Well, there are several things to consider here. If undertaking a pre-wedding shoot (or engagement shoot as some call it) you have the chance to see how the photographer works as well as seeing the shots he or she takes of you. This is an obvious advantage before the day as if you don’t like the style of shot or the way the photographer works it will save you finding out on the day when it’s too late.

A wedding is an expensive affair so you’ll want to make sure everything goes well so this is an important factor to consider.

So what should you look to get out of the shoot? During the shoot you should expect some explanation from the photographer of what they are doing, why they are selecting a location to shoot or a little about the reason they would like you positioned in a shady area or in a certain way. These are not really technical details that baffle you into thinking he knows his stuff. It is an opportunity for both parties to identify what you are looking for on the day. Of course the photographer will also have lots of questions about you as a client.

It also gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish. For example think about things like unexpected events as well as their accreditations & experience. Ask what happens if it rains, how long do you stay, how long have you been doing this, are you insured, are you CRB checked and so on.

Use the pre-wedding shoot to ensure that you have confidence that you have the right person for the day. If there is any doubt when you have this shoot you should and go with your gut instinct and perhaps look elsewhere for a photographer.
This may sound harsh but consider the alternative; how annoying is it when you have to work in close contact with someone who has annoying habits or you just don’t “click” with. Would you want to invite them to your wedding day or would their presence spoil your big day?

Even if the shots are nice, it is important that you feel comfortable with the photographer form the word go. If you feel confident and relaxed that your photographer is easy to work with and knows what he is doing with a camera and they can adapt to changing circumstances during the day then you don’t have to think about that anymore.

You just relax and enjoy your special day! And guess what, if you’re relaxed and confident the pictures will be even better.

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