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FREE TRIALS Of Branded WiFi For Kent Venues & Businesses

Published on Wednesday 14 March 2018

FREE TRIALS Of Branded WiFi with Smarter WiFi

Do you offer customers access to your WiFi? If you do, that’s great! Either way, using Smarter WiFi alongside your current WiFi router can really support and grow your business.

Here’s how it works. Smarter WiFi create a new network for you and design a branded log in page for your customers to access. Customers can choose how they log in; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a simple form. Whatever they choose, the system catches their data for you, such as name, date of birth, email address, or whatever you wish to capture. All this data is stored in your very own portal where you can monitor your WiFi users and download their data.

Your customers will love this as they don’t need a password to log in and only have to log in that first time; they will automatically connect on repeat visits!

You will also gain more social media likes, as the system asks customers to like your social pages. Smarter WiFi can also connect with your TripAdvisor account to set up automated emails to your customers asking them a review.

Plus, once they are logged in, you can choose where to send them. Whether it’s your website, Facebook page or a custom built page, it’s a great way to advertise your business.

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in finding out about. Smarter WiFi are happy to chat further about what they can do, or even arrange a free trial of the system so you can really see how it will benefit you.

Click here to make an enquiry directly to Smarter WiFi and claim your FREE TRIAL!!

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