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Free Restaurant Advertising in Kent

Published on Tuesday 16 October 2012

free restaurant advertising in kent

Free Restaurant Advertising in Kent

Looking for free restaurant advertising in Kent? Look no further. The team at have devised a cunning plan to help generate more exposure, interest and bookings for restaurants in Kent. In essence it’s ideal if you’re looking for free restaurant advertising in Kent.

The Plan

The team at have come up with an attractive package for restaurants who want their venue/food reviewed, marketed and published in front of a captive audience. The best thing is, there is NO FEE for this service. We will arrange a date to visit and all we ask for is an allocation for the reviewer and a guest. AT A MINIMUM this would be a meal for 2 and a bottle of house wine – it depends how much you want to WOW the reviewers!

The Features/Benefits

– The review will be an originally written review covering the food, drink, staff, venue, ambience and experience as a whole.

– The review will contain images to support the review

– The review can also contain links to download the food/drink menus

– The review can be approved before publication by the venue

– Once approved, the review will be posted in the Blog on

– A link to the review will also be posted on the KentVenues Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin channels. In total the review can reach over 50,000 local, potential customers

– You can also link to the review directly from your own website

– You can even print off the review and display it within your venue if you like!

How To Get Involved

If you like what you hear and would like free restaurant advertising in Kent, send us an email stating your venue name/location, a link to your website (if you have one) and an ideal time and date that would be suitable for us to perform the review. Please send to:

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