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Published on Thursday 27 September 2018

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If you are reading this then you are most likely a business owner, an entrepreneur or maybe a sales manager looking to gain more exposure for your business, product or service.

One of the big things in business is Networking, we are taught, advised and encouraged to network and attend business networking meetings.  Did you know that LinkedIn is one of the best tools for B2B networking?  Actually, you probably do know that but like so many business owners you probably don’t know how to use LinkedIn to its full potential and make it beneficial to your business.

The first place to start is your LinkedIn Profile, you wouldn’t attend your local networking meeting without your business card and literature about you business and yet so many businesses overlook their LinkedIn Profile and scarcely give any information about the business at all.  Here are a few tips on having a great LinkedIn Profile:

1. Your Headline – be creative, tell people what you do, what your service is – try to avoid such headlines as “MD of ABC Services” – it tells the reader nothing and remember your headline is visible on every post, like, comment and share and so it is important to get this right.

2. LinkedIn Profile Summary – LinkedIn allows 2000 characters for this and yet so many businesses fail to write a couple of sentences. Your Profile Summary should act as your silent salesperson, it should tell people what you do, what are the benefits of your product or service and definitely should include a call to action.

3. Photograph – review the photograph on your LinkedIn Profile, is it professional? You should always consider a professional headshot photo.

This is just a small part of your LinkedIn journey and it is vital to get these things in place at the start of the journey otherwise you risk missing out on potential leads and referrals.

At Clarke Training and Coaching I offer a professional LinkedIn Profile Writing Service at very reasonable cost.  To find out how I can help your business please email me at

clarke training coaching

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