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Carola Becker – Nutritional Therapist

Published on Saturday 10 February 2018

carola becker nutritional therapist

Introducing Carola Becker

Nutritional Therapist & Venue/Event Catering Consultant

As an event venue you have to prove your worth to your client and their delegates. What better way than making sure that event attendees are fully engaged and productive throughout the day by providing great food options?

There seem to be a growing demand for nutritious yet cost efficient meal and snack options at events to support delegates’ wellbeing and productivity. Attendees and organisers are becoming increasingly health conscious.

Would you like to label your event catering as ‘Approved by a certified Nutritional Therapist’?

Event and meeting catering options should be easy to prepare and store, but at the same time delicious and good value for money. The classic catering offerings tick all the boxes but unfortunately they do affect your delegates’ energy levels. Healthy meal options, lower in processed carbohydrates, fat and sugar can prevent the afternoon slump without diminishing the enjoyment.

Leave your guests satisfied but not stuffed. Engagement is key to the success of an event.

This is not about miniscule portions or boring and bland foods, there will be sweet treats involved! Achieving a balance is crucial to a successful catering.  It will look appealing and taste even better. 

I am a Nutritional Therapist working with hotels and conference venues all over the UK on a healthier range of meals for events and meetings. Many of my clients report an increase in enquiries after listing/serving nutritionist approved foods on their event publications/at their events.

I can work with your chefs on new recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and bring my own recipes and ideas. We will discuss where to source ingredients and produce which are in season to keep costs down. And of course you can label all the meals as ‘Approved by a certified Nutritional Therapist’ and use my logo if you wish.

You can find more information about me and my work on

You can also make an email enquiry by clicking here.

If you feel that it would be beneficial for your venue to discuss the options of a collaboration I would be delighted to meet you. Please call my friendly team on 020 7873 2339 to arrange a meeting.


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