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Kent Therapy Clinic

Kent Therapy Clinic.

Emma Evans – a fully qualified counsellor and Hypnotherapist and provides a full counselling service in Kent. After attending classroom training for 12 months and completing a further 50 hours practice, Emma gained the qualifications required and set up Kent Therapy Clinic.

Emma runs a completely confidential and friendly service which as we all know is essential in this line of business.

Whatever positive change you are looking to make in your life, from quitting smoking to improving self confidence Kent Therapy Clinic can help you move your life forward.

Kent Therapy Clinic offers safe, comfortable surroundings in which to forge strong therapeutic relationships and offers an honest, discrete counselling service in Kent.

To find out more and enquire about a full list of services, use the enquiry form below.

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Kent Therapy Clinic
Counselling Service in Kent

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